Spinning, flipping, and bonding – our family team creates 3D fidget fun that’s not just for hands but also for hearts. Keeping the whole clan calm, one twist at a time!

Pictured (left to right): Grammy, Queen Jackie and King Bumpa

Like Father, Like Son

Family means everything, and that doesn’t mean just blood relatives.  The #BumpaBuilt family has become a worldwide community of people who genuinely love supporting each other, and that is because of the values you instilled in us.

Things worth doing are just that.  Put in the effort and good things will eventually come from it.  We’ve had our fair share of ups and downs over the past 4 months, and you’ve always listened when we needed to vent and encouraged us when we needed an extra push.

Always take care of those who need a helping hand.  When this thing started taking off you and Grammie jumped right in to help without ever being asked.  Before we knew it you were here every day and have become a critical part of this team.

Mistakes are going to happen.  The important thing is you learn from them (Unless it involves touching a hot drill bit immediately after drilling a hole).

Sometimes the only way to learn how something works is to tear it apart and hopefully put it back together.  Even though the tools we’re using now are more complex than the hammer and nails you taught us with, you’ve dove right in and become a critical part of maintaining these 3D printers.

Our Designers

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Transforming dreams into reality, one layer at a time – 3D printers, because who said imagination should stay flat?

Bambu Lab X1-Carbon Combo 3D Printer

About Our Printers

We need to write something about the printer, why they were chosen, and the type of filament that is selected / used. This should be something short, maybe 2-3 sentences.

Getting to Know Our Printers

Our printers truly have personalities of their own!  We even name them, so we can refer to them when they are misbehaving!

Our family of printers include: X1 Carbons – Archie, Bea, Calvin, Dash, Elvis, Frodo, George, Hobbs, Iggy, Jasper, Kirby, Lucy, Marty, Nigel, Opal, Poppy, Quincy, Remi, Simon, Teddy, Uno, Violette, Wilber, X-Ray, and Yetti.  Our Bambu Labs A1 is named Ziggy.

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